DISABILITY IS OF THE MIND •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• By Bathlomew Onyebuchi Nwafor



By Bathlomew Onyebuchi Nwafor

If a man is lost in his mind, he cannot find it in his hands. Disability as it were is not a physical eyesore but a mental replacement. Imagine a man, who before starting a trade commences a programme or lays a foundation for a project and never saw it successfully – such is a disabled man and such a man or woman might not be fruitful in a million trails, unless he is healed and reoriented, for failure is not an incident but a decision.

Disability simply exults challenges and capitalizes on situation of things as an excuse for failure. Just in its English meaning, a disabled is one who finds things difficult or impossible, no doubt there will always be a stumbling block of discouragement, gathering of mockery and vision killers. However, we must realize that all winners in life became winners in spite of negative and discouraging events. In spite of many years of failure and disgrace, Abraham Lincoln ruled America. No one expected Abraham Lincoln to be President but today, he is judged as the best president America ever had. Richard Nixon once said, “A man is not finished when he is defeated, he is finished when he quits”.

The mathematicians can bear witness that the geometric theories widely and conventionally used in solving mathematical and geographic problems was discovered and propounded by a physically challenged.

Over the years in Nigeria, the paralympians have performed better than there able bodied counterparts in the Olympics, athletes who represented Nigeria in Rio Olympics came back home with 8 golds, some silver and bronze medals making a total haul of 12 medals despite the inadequate funding that could have caused a limitation of setback.

A cripple cannot run up and down as an able bodied, but to his advantage, he has more time to meditate because his distractions are limited. How are you dealing with your disability? Don’t allow your disability to render you redundant and use it as a license for begging, but see it as a stepping stone to make it in life for he who wallows in self pity, lacks initiative and hope.

Do not always be at the receiving end as a disable, but endeavor to be a giver and let self dependence be your watch word. It is not what you do or have that matters, but how you use what you have. Hence ensure to contribute your own quota to NATION BUILDING.

Disability is not being deformed or handicapped, but a thing of the mind. Disability is the inability of someone to contribute positively to NATION BUILDING – It is the believe that “I can’t do it”, an inability to be creative and take initiatives. The inability of government and the citizens to contribute positively to the growth of the Nation.

Let us come together as able bodied and physically challenged to contribute to the betterment of our Nation Nigeria and our dear state, Anambra. Let us shun all forms of disability and give ability a chance, and this country will be better for it.

My name is BATHLOMEW ONYEBUCHI NWAFOR, I am a cripple, a physically challenged. My father is a Palm Wine tapper; my mother, a petty trader but I am a graduate and I earn an honest living.

Onyebuchi is a key member of #iStandWithAndyUba Media Team. He believes that a better Anambra is possible and he STANDS WITH ANDY UBA!