Ecowas youth Council president, Seunfumi Williams pays a courtesy visit to the MD/CEO FAAN


Amb. Seunfumi Williams shared this on Facebook after paying a courtesy visit to the boss of FAAN

Today, I paid a courtesy visit to the office of the MD/CEO of Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria to create a working, friendly relationship and partnership between the leadership of ECOWAS Youth Council and the agency with my formidable Team of like minds.
The young people of Nigeria and west Africa deserve better.


In as much as the seed of a mango is bigger than the seed of cocoa does not merely make the fruits of mango more valuable than the fruits of cocoa. In the same way it does not render the fruit of mango useless.

Our worth does not depend on the quantity of talents we are endowed but the quality and usefulness of our talents to others and the world.

We are gifted based on our capacities.
Some people are able to achieve a lot and are having much positive impact on the lives of others.

Having a minimal impact on the lives of others does not make you useless. You are important in your unique way.
Never underrate your abilities because of the great accomplishments of your peers.
May you always accept and value yourself and improve upon what you have been endowed.

God richly bless you and have a good afternoon. #ecowasyouthcouncil