Mr Eazi rejected a remix of my song ‘Legova’ but went ahead to release it as his own- Fizzy Frosh


An upcoming artist by name Fizzy  Frosh has exclusively told about a song he did sometime in 2014 titled legova.

The song was initially produced by Emlis P and sure a party starter.

He talked up a remix of the song with Mr eazi whom he sent the song to listen to it but Mr. Eazi blunted the idea.

Fizzy Frosh was flabbergasted when months later, Mr eazi decided to re-do ‘Legova’ the same one he rejected and which was originally Fizzy’s work.

Listen to Fizzy Frosh song here which he did in 2015

Fizzy Frosh – LegOva (Prod. By Emlis P)

And here is Mr Eazi’s version of the song

360Hawt: Mr Eazi – Leg Over (Prod. E-Kelly)




  1. the fizzy guy is trying to gain fame coz i knew when he dropped his leg over and that was before r2beez persuaded mr eazi to take music up professionally and got sign to eazi has nothing to do with this and come to think of it the songs dont sound alike